nash TN Black Campfire Mug

Color: Black/Speckled

Wow, that's a big ole mug. This three-finger handle mug has some weight to it!  Not just for our coffee, we use this 15 oz. Campfire Stoneware mug for our homemade ice cream and soups, too. 

The mug is black with white speckles on the outside, solid black on the inside (just like our coffee). The oversized nashᵀᴺ  logo is printed in white and wraps around the mug. 

Note: Some mug speckles will be visible through the imprinted logo. This is normal and supposed to happen.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • 15 oz.
  • Item Height - 3.5"
  • Top - 4.125"
  • Bottom - 3.75"
  • Handle - 5.5"