Origin Story

As creative director & designer, I was reworking an old illustration of the Nashville skyline when I noticed a small “TN” which, at first glance, I thought it was a trademark. It has so much creativity packed into such a simple design I thought “this would be really cool to do intentionally and create an entire brand around.” 

Nashville is such a creative city and I felt this icon would capture the city’s spirit.

So much of Nashville is made of: entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners and I knew this design would resonate with and connect with the many professionals here. 

I created several products, arranged production and set up this site, so I could offer this idea to those who celebrate Nashville. Within six months we painted our first of many “Nashville Looks Good On You” murals — starting at our favorite coffee shop frothy monkey on 12 South. 


Our black & white aesthetic is our way of blending into the background and letting the artists and dreamers take the limelight. You’re what make this city great. We’re simply the bookends on a colorful spectrum of creativity.

Our design are:

  • Understated 
  • Contrast Beauty in Chaos
  • Wild and Free
  • Classic & youthful. 

Our mono chromatic style is sure to fit in with your entire wardrobe. The shirts are great for layering, hats go with any casual wear and our hoodies will keep you warm on chilly nights out with friends. Show your spirit and pride in Nashville with nashᵀᴺ.

Our shirts, hats, and posters are designed and printed right here in Nashville Tennessee. We like to use local suppliers thus providing the best quality and supporting our neighbors.