Jacob Shaffelburg X nashᵀᴺ

In an exciting fusion of sports and local culture, Jacob Shaffelburg, the dynamic winger for Nashville SC, has partnered with the popular local brand nashᵀᴺ for a collaboration that celebrates the vibrant spirit of Nashville. This partnership not only highlights Shaffelburg’s growing influence both on and off the field but also underscores the brand’s commitment to connecting with the community through innovative and meaningful collaborations.

Shaffelburg, known for his electrifying pace and agility on the soccer field, has quickly become a fan favorite since joining Nashville SC. His on-field performances have made him a standout player, but it’s his off-field engagements that are further endearing him to the Nashville community. By teaming up with "Nash TN", Shaffelburg is stepping into the local cultural scene, blending sports with fashion and community engagement.


nashᵀᴺ is a brand that has built its reputation on capturing the essence of Nashville’s unique cultural landscape. From its music heritage to its dynamic arts community, nash TN apparel and merchandise reflect the city’s eclectic and vibrant personality. The collaboration with Shaffelburg aims to bring a fresh perspective to the brand, infusing it with the energy and excitement of professional soccer.

This collaboration pays homage to both Shaffelburg and the city of Nashville. As the face of the campaign, Shaffelburg brings an authentic connection to the community he represents on the field. His role in the collaboration showcases the synergy between the local culture and the sport.


Jacob Shaffelburg, Nashville Winger


Shaffelburg expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Working with nashᵀᴺ has been an incredible experience. I’ve always admired how the brand captures the essence of Nashville, and being a part of this project is truly special.” We hope this collaboration resonates with both soccer fans and the broader Nashville community.

The launch of this collection aims to bring fans closer to their favorite soccer star while also celebrating the local culture that nash TN represents. 

This collaboration between Jacob Shaffelburg and nashᵀᴺ is a testament to the powerful connection between sports and local culture. It highlights how athletes can play a pivotal role in community engagement beyond their professional careers. As Shaffelburg continues to make his mark on the field, his off-field endeavors, such as this collaboration, are helping to strengthen the bond between Nashville soccer and its vibrant, hard-working community.

Written by nash TN